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SEO просування

If you or your company has a website, and if you want people to be able to find it, you should order a seo services. After all, this will allow you to increase the visibility of your site, increase traffic and overtake your competitors. Choose the promotion option below that suits you best.

SEO marketing services (Google):


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~599$ \ month

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You can order some services separately:

  • linkbuilding, guest posting, pbn;
  • SMM;
  • website development;
  • website maintance;
  • seo audit;
  • internal optimization;
  • local seo;
  • contextual ads, banners;
  • copywriting, content creation;
  • admin jobs: WordPress setup, settings, counters, plugins, etc.;
  • brand, logo, design services;
  • other marketing services.

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What is SEO?

сео розкрутка

Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of services that are designed to increase the ranking of your website in search engines. The higher your site gets in search results, the more interested visitors will be able to find it. The goal of SEO promotion is to achieve the first page of search results for the desired request or the so-called TOP. The first page contains only 10 relevant pages, but millions of others are trying to raise themselves there, in the top 3 or even to the first place (top 1). Therefore, the complex of marketing works and promotion includes many components. In particular, this is analysis (monitoring positions and pages in search engines, audit, conversion and usability, etc.), internal optimization (optimization of html code, texts (content), headers, links, registrations, etc. ), external promotion (external links (backlinks), indexing, registrations, etc.). The price of search engine optimization depends on a specific task, site and competition, and therefore may differ: for highly competitive and high-frequency queries, you will not be able to achieve top for free. If you offer certain services on the site or sell goods (business card sites, corporate and commercial pages, an online store), then such advertising on the Internet can significantly increase the level of your sales, since after a professional and effective promotion process a much larger number of potential buyers will go over to your resource with targeted requests.

What for and why you need SEO?

оптимізація сайтів

The priority search engine for seo site promotion is Google ( This is due to the fact that the largest volume of traffic (~ 90%) goes from this particular search engine. Therefore, when promoting english web sites and doing their external and internal search engine optimization, you must first focus on this system. It doesn’t matter in which local region of the world you promote the site – it is DC, Maryland, Toronto, or another city.

Website promotion can be done by yourself and for free, however, the result of such work may not be a top, but a ban, so it’s better to trust professionals that work with search engine algorithms. They will be able to make advertising of your page on the Internet effective, optimize it, increase traffic, increase SEO indicators (Trust, Pagerank, etc.), improve relevance and visibility in search engines. The faster you place an order for search engine optimization, the faster your site will begin to climb to the top in search results, right up to the highest positions. Get started today!